Who Are We?

Art Professional

Alma Telibecirevic-Artist

Alma Telibecirevic studied painting and education at the Classical Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Venice, Italy, while being directly exposed to some of the most amazing art pieces ever created.
Her passion for art developed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo- the longest siege in a modern human history. While her birth city Sarajevo was bombed and snipers were shooting all over the city, Alma never quit to believe that art is essential for survival. It’s extremely important and helpful to create art under threat. Although art cannot change minds, it can create a space for dialogue around difficult issues and help people express some of the deepest emotions they carry inside.

She attended and finished Art High School during the Sarajevo siege very often using just basic tools to create art. She is a professional Artist and Art Teacher!

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Who Are We?

Experienced Safari Guide

Mat Dry-Safari Guide

Mat has lived and worked in Africa as a safari guide for the past 11 years. Starting on Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Mat gained his safari-guiding credentials from the renowned school, Ulovane, and the Field Guide’s Association of Southern Africa in 2007. He worked as a safari guide at a five-star lodge for six months and then decided that he wanted to see more of Africa. He joined one of the Africa’s premiere overlanding companies, Africa Travel Company. He worked as an overlanding guide in both East and Southern Africa until deciding to create TIA Safaris.

With a passion for Africa and a particular love for its flora and fauna, Mat is now living his dream; taking people across Africa and introducing them to Africa’s beauties and wonders. In creating TIA Safaris, Mat has found the perfect vehicle for not only taking people on safari, but also teaching them to love and understand Africa. From the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Moutains of Uganda to the Cape Floral Kingdom on top of Table Mountain in Capetown, South Africa there is nothing in between Mat wants you to miss.


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